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Excellent condition original Loewenfeld cross second class.

The Freikorps von Loewenfeld (III. Marine-Brigade) was founded by Korvettenkapitan von Loewenfeld on December 18, 1918. The unit was composed of around six to eight thousand former Navy and Army personnel. In 1919, the unit fought in the Berlin transport uprising, as well as the first Silesian Uprising. In the winter of 1919/1920, it served as part of the Border Guard near Breslau, and during the Kapp Putsch in 1920, it occupied the city. Following the failed coup, the unit was sent to the Ruhr area to suppress a Communist rebellion. The unit was dissolved on May 31, 1920.

The Navy Brigade von Loewenfeld Badge was instituted by von Loewenfeld on March 31, 1920, based on the design by one of the unit's lieutenants named Collins.

The badge was established in two grades, I and II Class.

The I Class was conferred upon individuals who rendered six months of service with the brigade, while the II Class was for those who served for three months.

Loewfeld cross 111 marine brigade. Freikorps medal second class. Rare

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