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"US M1 Helmet Vietnam 1968 With Super Rare Original 1963 Mitchell M1 Cover

Completely original... including cards, badges, can opener, church key can opener, 7Up match book, grenade ring and 2x mini Flechettes from a US Bomb, and waterproof bullet bag. All original 1960's

Rear seam, swivel bail helmet manufactured by the Parish Div. of the Dana Corporation (Heat Stamp # 4101) circa 1968.

Helmet Liner manufactured by Firestone Tire Co. Circa 1968.

Original and super rare 1963 Mitchell Camouflage helmet cover... the value of the cover alone is valued at approx. £70 to £90


The 1960's Marlboro cigarette packet. The Texas flag and the helmet band are all modern replacements. The bullets inside the original waterproof bag, are inert display rounds."

Classic vietnam era US M1 helmet with period accessories, rare Mitchell cover

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